sodium alginate-food grade

Brief Description
Place of Origin: Shandong China (Mainland) Type: Thickeners Brand Name: ST-ARN
Model Number: ST-SA name: sodium alginate-food grade Packaging: Bag
Form: Powder Style: Dried Primary Ingredient: Vitriol Ash
Certification: ISO, CCIC, SGS Weight (kg): 25 Effects: thinckener
Delivery Terms & Packaging
Packaging Detail:p.p woven or craft paper bags with 25kg net each. Or as required keep dry
Delivery Detail:PROMPT
sodium alginate-food grade

white power. It is not only a safe food additive, but also a basis material of modelling food or dietary food


Food Level(GB1976-80)

Granularity :   Conform to requirement of contract

Viscidity(mpa.s) ≥150 or conform to requirement of contract

Water Content % ≤15

PH 6.0~8.0

Calcium Content % /

Vitriol Ash Content% 30~37

Insolubles in water% ≤3.0

Transparency (0.5% solution)cm  Conform to rules

Heavy Metal % ≤0.004

Arsenic Salt % ≤0.0002

 Lead %      ≤0.0004

Different specs can be supplied according to clients’ requirement.


Sodium Alginate is a natural amylose carbohydrate distilled from alga. It is widely applied to food, medicine, textile, printing and dyeing, paper-making and daily chemicals as thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer and binder etc. Sodium Alginate is exploring more in food application, especially since 1980s forward. It is not only a safe food additive, but also a basis material of modelling food or dietary food. As the natural cellulose, it can slow the absorption of fatty sugar and bilesalt, reduce serum cholesterol, triglyceride in the blood and blood sugar to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and adiposity, the modern diseases, as well as control the accumulation of noxious metals, such as Sr, Cd and lead. Its importance has been increasingly recognized by home and abroad, so Japanese call the food rich in sodium Alginate " longevity food ", while Americans call it "magic food additive"

Long-term Type Fine Dried Noodles - in the production process of fine dried noodles, falling and crisp rate are important index. With application of Sodium alginate additive, wheat gluten rate can be enhanced, viscidity of noodles can be improved, tensile camber can be promoted, breaking rate and recycled rate of wet noodle are lessened. While eating, the noodles have good resistance to boil and pickle with good taste, high softness and no peculiar smell.

Nutritional Cake - emulsification of eggs can be improved after adding Sodium alginate with good foaming ability, then expanding sponge will be formed with dense and even hole, high elasticity and good resistance to dry.

Gel Cake Stuffing - put the Sodium alginate into marmalade of cake and bread substituting the pectin, then flavor and nutritional values of the product can be promoted, resist to high temperature and the cost is only one third of pectin.

Sodium alginate panocha adds calcium ion into Sodium alginate liquid which then will form Sodium alginate gel making use of moulding characteristics of the Sodium alginate.

Water Ice and Ice Cream Resisting to High Temperature - Sodium alginate is used as emulsion stabilizer and thickening agent of water ice and ice cream.

Tasty and Refreshing Cold Jelly and Jelly - Gel, composed of Sodium alginate after adding different juices and cane sugars, as well as calcium ion, will not melt while being heated, therefore it can be boiled and sterilized. Making use of characteristics of the gel, transparent, soft and tasty cold jelly can be made.

Bionic Food - man-made jellyfish, egg and grape are available making use of characteristics of gel composed of Sodium alginate and calcium ion.