water-based adhesive glue

Brief Description
Other Names: adhesive binding book Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Classification: Volatile Solvent Adhesives
Main Raw Material: starch Usage: Packing, Specialize for Laminating machi... Brand Name: Ming Hui
Model Number: DF16, DP2000, CF11 Characteristics: weather-persistent, quick-dryi... Color: white
Package: waterproof, 25kg/bag Storage Period: 10 months for powder, 30 days f... Dry Time: 3-6 minutes

water-based adhesive glue
unique production process
stable quality
good weatherability

water-based adhesive glue

The use of unique production process contributes to the extremely stable quality.

The application to pasting paper brings convenience in use, good weatherability and quick natural drying (3-6 min).

On account of the strong pasting force, the whirling coating will not occur in the full auto pasting and consequently the processing efficiency will be improved and the profits will be increased.

>>>Suitable paper and type of machine

Applicable to paperboard pasting: three-layer and five-layer pasteboard

Paperboard pasting: size of corrugated paper as A, B, C, E, F and N

Full auto, semi-full auto, manual and cardboard pasting type machines

Note: not applicable to pasting paper under 175G and coated paper 

>>>Preparation process of 500kg finished glue

Take out the additives from the glue powder;

Add 375kg water into the agitator then mix with 125kg glue powder, and agitate for six minutes;

Mix additives with the glue powder and stop agitating when the glue becomes dense and it is difficult to agitate (about 3min);

Emulsify for 120min considerably, and agitate for three more minutes. Finally the finished glue is prepared.

The core value of the Quick-dissolving Glue Powder is materialized in

Simplifying the complex process and sustained stable quality